Dahlia May's Farm offers onsite breeding services to tested animals only. Your doe must have proof of CA/CAE testing no more than 60 days prior to breeding. We will request to see the lab report prior to breeding. I am sorry, but at this time we do not lease our bucks. Please contact us for further information!

We have a few breeding options available:

  1. Driveway Breeding: You bring your doe to us when she is in heat. This option allows you to take your animal home within an hour of being onsite!
  2. Breeding with Boarding: We will house your animal for up to 14 days in our breeding pen. We ask that you attempt to track one heat cycle so that we can schedule her visit appropriately. We require you to supply your own feed and hay during her visit. We will feed and water twice a day, and bring a buck to visit her twice a day. Once the buck has covered her, you will be contacted to pick her up. This option has an additional boarding fee.​

**FFA/4H Discounts Offered!

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Driveway Breeding
Breeding with Boarding

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