Dahlia May's Farm - Purchase Agreement

Thank your for considering a kid from Dahlia May's Farm.

We require a $100 deposit per kid. If your kid is not available from the selected doe, we can transfer your deposit to another kid or refund it. There are no refunds on canceled orders. Prices are for reserved kids picked up (or shipped) by 8 weeks of age. All Shipping costs are paid by the buyer including airfare, transport to airport, kennel, health certificate, and any testing or vet expenses the buyer requests. We would love for you to pick up your kid in person and be able to view its family.  

We reserve the right to retain any born as replacement animals in our herd or withdraw that animal if it does not meet our quality standards. Our goal is to sell show quality animals and if for whatever reason one doesn't meet our standards, we will notify you.

After you are notified of the birth of your kid, you have 14 days to remit the remaining purchase price of your kid. Shipping costs must be paid before the animal can be shipped. If the balance for the kid is not paid or other arrangements made by 14 days, the kid will be offered to another buyer. At this point you forfeit your deposit. Any reserved kid not shipped or picked up by the time they are 8 weeks old will be subject to boarding fee. We do not release animals and papers until payment (animal and shipping cost) clears. 

We do offer adult animals for sale. We require a 50% deposit to hold your animal. If the animal is not picked up within 30 days, that animal is subject to boarding fees. If you cancel a purchase on an adult animal, all monies is non refundable due to the cost and time to locate another buyer. All adult bucks are sold with the option to purchase 30 straws of semen back at the cost of collection.

We do attend shows and will transport your animal to a show for pick up. We ask for a small fuel fee, when doing so. Transportation beyond our route is the responsibility of the buyer.

We do offer 4-H/FFA, multiple animal purchases, and returning customer discounts!

Thank you for supporting Dahlia May's Farm!