Dahlia May's Farm - Kidding Schedule

Updated: 10/2017

We bottle feed all of our kids. Our herd is annually tested for CA, CAE, Johnne's annually. We also test for Q-Fever and Brucellosis. We do offer wethers for sale at a price of $100. Please contact us with any questions!

​​​​​Kidding Schedule 2017-18



Planned Pedigree


Reservations Available

Urban Acres AB Bel Aire 2*M VVVV 88

DKGH Rock It Embassador

Planned Pedigree


1st retained, 2nd doe, 1 buck 

Tamris Farm CK Adi Gallia 

Urban Acres Triumph Spitfire *B03/20

Tamris Farm WC Riesling

Urban Acres Triumph Spitfire *B


Showtime TS Ecstasy

04/201st retained, 1 doe, 1 buck
Blossom-Thyme FF Chatty Force
DKGH Rock It Embassador

First Freshners

Dahlia May's Farm TS IndigoDKGH Rock It Embassador01/20
Dahlia May's Farm CS LumiyaUrban Acres Triumph Spitfire *B
Dahlia May's Farm BB CorvairDKGH Rock It Embassador
Dahlia May's Farm TS LegacyDahlia May's Farm LT Yoda  *B

Dahlia May's Farm TS Belle
Dahlia May's Farm LT Yoda *B